Electro Review

Pierre Rousseau – Musique Sans Paroles

Beats In Space – Release: March 27th 2020

Chic, melodic electro from Paris-based Pierre Rousseau. ‘Musique Sans Paroles’ (Music Without Lyrics) achieves harmony and pop sensibilities, within a restrained framework of sound sources.

Although his debut solo album, Rousseau has been releasing electro house music as one half of Paradis. His prior experience in is evident, as this doesn’t feel like a debut per se. The synthesis techniques employed thoughout the record exemplify this, not for sound design complexity, but on the decisions on which to use (or more importantly, which to leave out). These choices are ones in electronic music that come with experience.

The main lead (Juno 106, according to the press release) has that instantly recognisable Roland sweet sound and is given space to sing as the main voice, front and centre across the LP. But it would be doing the album a disservice to focus on the gear, as the composition and structure are the big stars here.