Acid Review

Type-303 – Sysi EP

Super Rhythm Trax – Release: Late March 2020

Super Rhythm Trax celebrate their 30th release, with an equal parts melodic and tuff acid record, from Finland’s Type-303.

‘Kolkki Crush’ and the washed-out ‘Code 8080’ combine bubbling acid with electro beats, good tools for bridging sets between the two genres.

‘Delays’ is probably the most fleshed out track on the EP, which opens with lush Detroit-esque pads and gives way to a building acid line.

The diamond in the rough for us however, is ‘Life in Mono’ – a dingy, no-frills, acid track. Which begs the question, do you really need anything more in life than a monophonic 303 and drum machine?

With that in mind, there’s an acid for all occasions here. So what if we are in the midst of the 5th (or even 6th) acid house revival since ’88, you wont be hearing any complaints here.

Pre-order at bandcamp