Ambient Beats Review

Symptoms of Love – Foam EP

Planet Trip – Release: 20th Jan

Bit late to the party with this one, but it still deserves a mention, as there are still some vinyl left (!). Symptoms of Love bring the vintage sampling styles (ala Thomas Dolby’s Fairlight era) along with modern production sensibilities, in this lush 5-tracker on Sydney’s Planet Trip.

A veritable smörgåsbord of tempos are covered across the record, which appears to exist in a perpetual summertime mood. No complaints here. Highlights include Foam (streetside mix), which echoes straight back 80s freestyle electrofunk, or the straight up infectious boogie of Nightwave (cassette mix).

It would be easy to pigeonhole this as a nostalgia release. However, although there are clear homages to older styles, it still sounds modern and fresh. In part due to the clean production techniques and also due to generous dollops of balearic glitterglue.