Ambient Beats Review

Kutmah – New Appliance

All City – Release: 2nd March 2020

Dublin’s All City Records brings beat producer Kutmah on board, for a 10″ of quick ‘n’ dirty sampler-delic jams.

To be honest, the title track ‘New Appliance’ is definitely our jam on this record. A nice spacious ambient piece, with some serious layers of crust to bite through.

While the rest of the record is sure to please it’s target clientele, the raw nature of the beats are a little too ‘exploratory’ for our tastes. There are moments however, such as the hefty dub bass vibes in ‘Super Psychic Kids’, which entices in a similar way to Oizo’s classic ‘Analog Worms Attack’.

However, overall there’s a feeling of process over content here. Yes, turning the quantise off and the tape emulation up gives a certain aesthetic, especially when combined with crunchy lo-fi sampling. But that being said, no amount of production techniques can replace a decent jam/groove/hook, which this EP could have done with more of…

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