Ambient Radio

Ambient Essentials Winter 19/20

Spoilt for choice right now, with so many artists and labels putting out a broad range of ambient music; from deep and expansive drones, to garbled and hissing tape loops.. Spaced-out synth jams, to deft vocal layering.

This selection represents a slice of either recently released, or upcoming records (and some unreleased bits discovered around the net) which aims to give a taste of this diverse genre.


Alone in a Field at DuskScott CampbellSeil
Underwater, Looking At The SunTony GVague Audio Tapes
Ships In The NightScott CampbellSeil
MorningJulianna BarwickCommend
Deleting Your PresenceLuke SangerInfinito Audio
SpiralDan DerksSelf Release (Bandcamp)
Fragile IIKrysheSerein
Spoiled WaterDan DerksSelf Release (Bandcamp)
Kozyrev’s_MirrorField Lines CartographerSTV 
Soul SlidePatrick R. PärkFrequency Domain
Black Gulls Over The HeadlandField Lines CartographerSTV 
TeethingAli WadeFrequency Domain
Tape Loop 30-09-2019ValotihkuuSelf Release
NightJulianna BarwickCommend
EfflorescenceLuke SangerUnreleased
Tape Loop 17.10.2019ValotihkuuSelf Release
Knowledge ParticleAli WadeFrequency Domain
HangingstonesCraven FaultsLeaf Label
Tape Loop 26.10.2019 ValotihkuuSelf Release
Eagles Peak, 1996Tony GVague Audio Tapes
Vacca WallCraven FaultsLeaf Label