Ambient Review

Sign Libra – Sea to Sea

RVNG Intl – Release: February 14, 2020

Pentatonic romplers and en vogue vocal effects from Sign Libra, in this nautically themed offering via the RVNG harbour.

Straight out the dock, all the new-age identifiers are present and correct: pan pipes βœ“ FM pads βœ“ quantised pentatonic melodies βœ“and I’d be lying if I didn’t say this album doesn’t at least hint at Enya’s (yes, I said it) aesthetic (βœ“). However, in terms of arrangement and style, it can’t be denied the record is unrelentingly consistent to it’s theme.

It gets interesting and FUN in the moments when Melnikova veers off the map into uncharted waters, as the arpeggiations increase and the pitched vocal effects reach further extremes. It’s at these un-anchored points where I start to enjoy the journey, as it strays from the well-sailed ambient pop trajectory.

A well executed, kitsch concept, that will undoubtably satisfy and amuse it’s target audience.