Review Techno

D-Knox- DAT Rips Vol. 1

Sonic Mind – 20th Jan 2020

Kalamazoo may not get as much of a mention in the mythologies of House and Techno as Chicago or Detroit but in the mid to late 90s it was certainly a place with its own artists and a unique style.

This EP is made from previously unreleased recordings made by D-Knox during that era. As well as Sonic Mind there was Black Nation Records, which is name-checked on the first track of the EP, owned by Jay Denham this is another not unknown but probably undervalued label in the history of Techno.

All of the tracks on the EP, while being definitely characteristic of the Kalamazoo style of that time, still sound fresh and could be played alongside productions of today without sounding out of place, proving that real Techno music has a long shelf life. It will be interesting to see what other tracks D-Knox will be able to recover from his unreleased archives. More information can be found here: