Review Techno

Jerome Hill – The Pob Routine

Accidental Jnr – Release: February 2nd 2020

Like a crisp G&T, Jerome Hill on Matthew Herbert’s label are two things that clearly mix well. Whether Pob is a reference to the 80’s children’s programme, or Posh Spice’s haircut, only Jerome knows the answer…

The opening (and title) track kicks off with a rolling, no-nonsense, bass ‘n’ bleep. The theme continues throughout, with the bass rising and falling in intensity. What sets this apart from much of Jerome‘s techno output (which is well worth checking), is the inclusion of some subtle ‘acoustic’ drum fills, providing some extra swing and shuffle.

‘Transmissions’ gets down to the nitty gritty, with a raw Casio RZ1 beat, a lo-fi sampling drum machine from the mid-80s with cult following. The RZ1 drum sounds were once (lovingly) described to me as sounding like they were recorded from a passing bus. The Outer Limits sample provides the hook and no more bells and whistles are required here. Simple, but effective!

On the B-side, we have a nice flip of Bald Head Skally in ‘More Whiffle’ and it’s back to the bleep, with a ridiculously hefty sub obediently following suit. ‘RZ Thing’ finishes off proceedings with some rather well placed tom drums, did I mention I’m a sucker for tom drums? If not, I’m saying it again now, bloody love that shit.