Ambient Review

Patrick R. Pärk – Multiverse Waveforms

Frequency Domain – Release: 10th February 2020

Synth-driven star scapes abound, with this intense LP from Patrick R. Pärk on the infallible Frequency Domain

Multiverse Waveforms is hard to categorise. On one hand the dramatic opening scenes with ‘Fracture of Light’ gives a wide angle lens on a bright crystalline landscape, whereas the earthy field recordings feel in opposition to the spacey music.

The intensity continues with the next couple of tracks, until ‘Mystical Invocation’ provides a minute to breath amongst the chaos. Moments of 80’s John Carpenter also make an appearance, with arpeggiated synths and gated snare drums in ‘Interface Grid’.

As an album, there is a maturity and coherence to the tracks, which I would not wholly describe as synthesiser music in it’s more popular form. Not easy listening by any means, but it’s not intended to be. Beam me up Scotty.